Mahr-ESDI Issued Patents

Mahr-ESDI is constantly developing state-of-the-art technologies for extreme metrology applications. Here are some of our exciting technologies that we have developed over the years. ESDI offers licensing of these patented technologies. Please contact us for details.

Small Beam Shearing Interferometer

Mahr-ESDI’s patented duel shear plate design allows shearing of small beams without multiple reflection problems. For the first time, laser wavefronts as small as 1 mm diameter can be visualized unexpanded in real-time.


Phase-Shifting Point-Diffraction Interferometry

Mahr-ESDI’s point-diffraction product technology utilizes an air pinhole in a half-wave plate polymer film. The result is a true common path self-referencing interferometer. When combined with ESDI’s HyperPhase™ technology, wavefront of laser beams can be measured dynamically in real-time.


Multi-Camera Simultaneous Phase Shifting

Mahr-ESDI’s has filed patents for performing real-time common-path-length phase-shifting interferometry utilizing multiple cameras. The technology for beam-splitting, polarization phase-shifting and maintaining sub-pixel camera alignment is similar to high-end Three-Chip color cameras. The result is a highly rugged, high resolution, real-time phase measurement module that can be utilized in many types of interferometers and rugged environments.

Priority Date: November 27, 2002


External Dual Beam Simultaneous Phase Shifting Fizeau Interferometer

Mahr-ESDI’s is the first company to file patents on external dual beam simultaneous phase shifting Fizeau interferometry. This technology allows true common path, coherent laser based interferometers to perform uncompromised dynamic vibration insensitive measurements in real-time.

Dual Beam