Vibration Insensitive Interferometer – MarSurf FI 3100 VB

Simultaneous Phase-Shifting for Vibration & Turbulent Environments


The MarSurf FI 3100 VB Simultaneous Phase-Shifting Fizeau Interferometer is a real-time, high-speed, truly vibration-insensitive metrology instrument with shutter speeds as fast as 10µs. Ideally suited for shop/production floors and other vibration or turbulent environments, the MarSurf FI 3100 VB offers unsurpassed measurement versatility, stability and repeatability for measuring and analyzing optical, machined, and semiconductor wafer surfaces.

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MarSurf FI 3100 VB with Auto-SPARC

All polarization based, vibration insensitive interferometers are in essence, dual beam interferometers. This is so because they use orthogonally polarized test and reference beams to achieve simultaneous phase-shifting. Therefore, birefringence (natural or stress induced) in the optical system of the interferometer, or transmission optic, will introduce changes in phase between the P- and S-polarized beams which will result in measurement errors. However, the unique design of the MarSurf FI 3100 VB, coupled with Auto-SPARC, allows Mahr-ESDI to overcome and eliminate these errors. With Auto-SPARC, the MarSurf FI 3100 VB has been demonstrated to have instrument errors of less than Λ/100 with no vibration isolation. The MarSurf FI 3100 VB is indeed a dual beam interferometer but unlike similar systems, the MarSurf FI VB has no competition in its overall performance capability.


  • Measure flat, concave & convex surfaces, small to astronomical size
  • Long optical path length and remote Fizeau cavity measurements
  • Vacuum/cryogenic chamber measurements
  • In-situ measurements of optical, machined & wafer surfaces
  • Dynamic measurements for thermodynamic events, rotating discs, etc.
  • Characterization & removal of birefringence effects


  • Absolute vibration insensitivity
  • Common path Fizeau geometry
  • Measure surfaces with 0.1% to 100% reflectivity
  • Automated stress measurement
  • Remote Fizeau cavity & long optical path applications
  • 10µs exposure times
  • True 1k x 1k resolution, fringe densities equivalent to ≥250 fringes of tilt
  • Uses Industry Standard 100 mm (4″) bayonet reference optics


how it worksSimultaneous phase-shifting is accomplished by utilizing polarization to achieve the phase-shift and by replacing the standard camera with Mahr-ESDI’s patented HyperPhase™ Module. The module uses three sub-pixel aligned cameras, which are monolithically bonded together with the beam splitting and polarization optics into a small, robust package. The result is a highly reliable and accurate camera system with a lifetime alignment warranty. The advantage of using three cameras is that each of the interferograms retains the true resolution of the camera.