High Accuracy Measurement Capability – MarSurf FI 2100 PS

Unsurpassed Flexibility & Versatility

MahrSurf-FI-PSThe MarSurf FI 2100 PS is the newest of Mahr-ESDI’s advanced Fizeau interferometers.  The MarSurf FI 2100 PS provides for non-contact measurements of flat or spherical surfaces along with transmitted wavefront measurements of optical components and assemblies. With its diffraction-limited optical design, high resolution camera, superb ITF, and Patent Pending Dynamic PMR, the MarSurf FI 2100 PS provides unsurpassed measurement accuracies for low and mid-spatial frequency content, no matter the environment. The MarSurf FI 2100 PS, when integrated with Mahr-ESDI’s world-renowned IntelliWave™ acquisition and analysis software, is guaranteed to provide the end user with superior metrology capability.

Data Sheet (PDF)

Setup Guide (PDF)


  • Measurement of flat, concave or convex surfaces
  • Prism, corner cube, wedge angle & homogeneity measurements
  • Measurement of optical, machined, ceramic, and wafer/disk surfaces
  • Transmitted wavefront analysis of optical systems & components
  • Production and shop floor


  • Diffraction-limited optical design
  • 2k x 2k spatial resolution
  • Superb ITF guarantees unsurpassed measurement accuracy for low and mid-spatial frequency content
  • Patent pending PMR for “Dynamic” capability in harsh environments
  • Compatible with all industry standard 4″ (100mm) reference optics and accessories
  • Workstations for flat and short to long radius of curvature measurements