40mm Fizeau Interferometer – MarSurf FI 1040 Z

Flat or Spherical Surfaces

MarSurf-FI-1040-ZThe MarSurf FI 1040 Z is a full featured interferometer that can provide non-contact measurement of flat or spherical surfaces and transmitted wavefront of optical components and assemblies. Measure optical components such as flats, prisms, lenses, or precision metal parts such as bearings, sealing surfaces, contact lens molds, or polished ceramics. Measurements can be made using simple basic visual fringe inspection, IntelliPhase™ static carrier analysis, or phase-modulated interferogram analysis. The MarSurf FI 1040 Z provides flexibility to handle today’s industrial applications at an unprecedented value.

Data Sheet (PDF)

Setup Guide (PDF)


  • Transmission and surface testing of small optics.
  • Measure optics, machined parts, ceramics, semiconductors, and wafers.
  • Integrated ROC measurements.


  • 6x zoom for measuring flat parts as small as 1.5mm diameter.
  • 3 modes of interferogram analysis – Phase-shifting, IntelliPhase™ Spatial Carrier Method, or Fringe Tracing/Tracking.
  • Small size and form factor design allows easy integration into OEM systems.
  • Rugged design.