Phase Shifting Interferometer Upgrade Kit


Regular maintenance and systems upgrades are the time proven way to extend the useful life of equipment and to benefit from engineering advances. Many industries protect their capital investment with regular upgrades. Airlines are a prime example. Replacement of time expired parts, new more fuel efficient engines, upgraded electronics keep airliners in service for a long time.

Data Sheet (PDF)

For many years ESDI has offered upgrade services for interferometers, giving aging instruments a major face lift with modern computers, cameras, lasers, phase shifters and our industry leading IntelliWave™ software. These upgrades saved our clients thousands of dollars over the years while benefiting from these major performance improvements. Some of the many interferometers supported are ZYGO®, Veeco®, Wyko®, ADE PhaseShift®, and 4D Technologies®.


ESDI is the pioneer in interferometer upgrade services. Others have been attempting to mimic this service, but none offer the full flexibility of our options and years of experience. For example, IntelliWave™ was built from the ground up to be interferometer independent. We have nearly 100 software drivers for nearly all the major camera and analog/digital I/O manufactures, and our plug-in architecture allows virtually any customized instrument interface. This means you can continuously and easily keep your instrument modernized over the years to come.


Upgrades are available as self installing kits. Alternatively ESDI offers complete upgrades performed at our headquarters in Tucson. By special arrangement the work may also be performed at the client’s facilities in order to keep downtime to a minimum.

Kits include any combination of the following:

  • IntelliWave™ Interferometric Analysis Software
  • Phase-shift Adaptor
  • Phase-shift Controller Card
  • High Resolution Camera
  • Frame Grabber



  • Mature Platform with unmatched flexibility for advanced Interferogram processing
  • Fully automated data acquisition
  • Wavefront, aberration, diffraction, and geometric analysis
  • Analysis Wizards for wedge, angle, homogeneity, ROC, and absolute measurements
  • Quality Control and Automation Capabilities
  • Multiple Unwrapping Algorithms
  • Matlab /LabVIEW/Excel/IDL Interfaces


Available upgrade options, pricing, and delivery times depend on make, type and age of your interferometer. Please contact us by phone or email for details.