Interferometric Analysis Software – IntelliWave™

intelliWaveHigh performance interferometric analysis software designed to adapt to virtually any fringe-based interferometer. IntelliWave™ is the de-facto software standard in wavefront analysis and interferometer independence, from which all other’s attempt to follow. No other software package covers the breadth of IntelliWave’s feature set, instrument compatibility, Plug-In expandability, Automation, and Interactivity with external programs. For over 10 years the largest and smallest of companies and research labs have relied on IntelliWave™ for mission critical applications in the area of interferogram/wavefront acquisition and analysis. Entire factory floors have standardized on IntelliWave™ for their quality control of lenses, mirrors, prisms, machined metal parts, and complete optical systems such as lithography steppers. Look at our feature set below and make your choice. Why should you settle for anything less?

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Intelliwave™ Feature Summary

Interferogram Analysis: IntelliWave™ has the most complete interferogram analysis capabilities available including automatic/manual fringe tracing, spatial carrier tracking, and phase-shifting/simultaneous phase-shifting analysis. This allows virtually any interferogram(s) to be processed, regardless of its origin, quality, or environmental conditions.

Wavefront Analysis: Complete wavefront analysis is available including statistics, aberrations, array arithmetic, histograms, slope, curvature, diffraction analysis, geometric analysis, integrals, and much more.

Dynamic Analysis: Data can be acquired at extremely fast frame rates (hardware dependant), while the test object is manipulated such as increased stress or temperature. The resulting data can played as a graphical movie, along with statistics and aberrations plotted as a function of time. In addition, the motion, shape, and intensity of individual fringes in interferograms can be monitored and plotted overtime.

Optical Analysis: For the optical design guru, IntelliWave™ includes FFT, MTF, PSF, Encircled Energy, geometric spot diagrams, and encircled energy.

Wizards: For the factory floor technician, applet wizards make common measurements extremely easy in production environments. Wizards are available for angle measurements of prisms, corner cubes, and wedged plates. Extreme accuracy wizards for spheres, radius of curvature, flats, and material homogeneity make critical measurements a snap.

Masks: IntelliWave’s powerful masking capabilities allow unlimited flexibility in data selection/rejection. Any combination of mask types can be arranged to control data processing, regional analysis, and graphical display. Masks can moved, resized, overlaid, edited, and grouped together for complex operations.

Image Processing: For the hardcore user with ugly interferograms, data can be filtered using Gaussian, Median, RMS, Spike, histogram, and erosion filters.

Power Tools: A variety of power options are available such as multiple wrapped phase and unwrapping options, grid overlays, metric/English unit conversion, and history lists of measurements made.

Data Manipulation: Data arrays can be added, subtracted, flipped, rotated, translated, or any combination thereof.

Fiducials: Super easy fiducials and image transformations allow you to manipulate data like never before.

Automation: IntelliWave™ has the most advanced automation capabilities available, making repetitive complex tasks easy. More the 150 functions cover data acquisition, data analysis, image processing, quality control, graphical display, file I/O, user prompts, and external program communication.

Graphics and Reporting: IntelliWave’s display graphics are extremely customizable allowing unlimited 1D cross sections, 2D color contour maps, 3D Surface Plots, rotations/pan/zoom, and color palette selection. All reports are completely customizable, displaying only the data required for your unique customers.

Data Exchange: File I/O includes MetroPRO™, CODE V™, ZEMAX™, OSLO, ASCII, JPG, BMP, TIFF, ASCII, and Excel. All spreadsheet data, graphs, and images can be copied/pasted to other applications.

External Program Interaction: IntelliWave™ can send/receive data and communicate with other programs interactively. For example: LabVIEW™ can signal IntelliWave™ to acquire interferogram data or run an automation script, with the resulting data transferred to LabVIEW™. Interfaces are available for LabVIEW™, MS Excel, MATLAB™, and Research Systems IDL.

Plug-In Expansion: Write your own Plug-In(s) to expand IntelliWave’s capabilities that target your exact application including customer user interfaces, numerical calculations/display, graphics, and external instrument control.

Hardware Independence: IntelliWave™ has nearly 100 drivers for commercial/custom interferometers, cameras, frame grabbers, and phase-shifters. With IntelliWave’s driver/plug-in architecture virtually any instrument, hardware, or application can be supported.


Intelliwave™ Interferometric Analysis Software Version Comparison

Program Features IntelliWave™ LE-1 IntelliWave™ LE-2 IntelliWave™ PE
Static fringe analysis
Phase-shifted fringe analysis
Aberration analysis
Diffraction analysis
Asphere analysis
Programmable automation  o
Automated quality control
Automated Microsoft Excel(TM) data transfer
Fringe tracking (motion analysis)
Realtime dynamic wavefront analysis
Shearing interferometry
Speckle interferometry
Interferogram data sizes up to 1024 x 1024
Interferogram data sizes up to 4096 x 4096
RS170/CCIR analog cameras
Interfaces to Research System’s IDL(TM) & MathWorks’ MATLAB(TM)
LabVIEW(TM) monitor and control
Custom Plug-Ins
o = available as option