IntelliWave™ Demonstration Download

Click here to download IntelliWave™ Demo – 6.7D.exe


Save the download file into a temporary directory on your computer.

After Downloading:

Run Intelliwave67D.exe to install IntelliWave™.

IMPORTANT:  If you previously installed an older version, may be prompted to Remove the older version first. You will then need to run Intelliwave67D.exe again, to install the new version.

IntelliWave™ has a comprehensive Help System. Please read the Demonstration and How To Sections in the Help System to learn how to use the program and process the provided data below.

The included data files contain real interferogram data for demonstration. Most of the files are described in detail in the IntelliWave™ Help, along with information on how to process them.

Computer Requirements:

  1. Windows  XP / 7
  2. Memory:  512 MB minimum, 2 GB recommended
  3. Disk: 90 MB free space
  4. Display: 1024×768 resolution minimum. Use 24 Bit, 32 bit, or True Color color modes.