Company Overview

Mahr-ESDI is a world-class developer of metrology instrumentation and software – serving companies of all sizes, major research laboratories, and universities worldwide. Mahr-ESDI offers state-of-the-art metrology products that are both affordable and unprecedented in performance.

Mahr-ESDI develops and customizes its products with our customer’s most challenging applications in mind. Mahr-ESDI products range from the economical to the highest performance systems available. Startup companies can truly afford to equip their labs with the latest, state-of-the-art metrology equipment such as the MarSurf FI 2100 PS traditional Fizeau Interferometer. At the top of the Mahr-ESDI product line, are the MarSurf FI 3100 VB Simultaneous Phase-Shifting Interferometer and the MarSurf FI 2100 AS for measuring aspheric surfaces. The MarSurf FI 3100 VB offers true vibration insensitivity, dynamic measurements, and is truly in a class of its own. Measurements in the most rugged environments including vibration, turbulence and small space constraints are a simple task with the MarSurf FI 3100 VB. The MarSurf FI 2100 AS is the most advanced of all Mahr-ESDI interferometer systems as it allows for the noncontact measurement of aspheric surfaces, both rotationally symmetric and asymmetric, in a single shot. This is accomplished with Mahr-ESDI’s patent pending CGR technology and does not require null optics, CGHs, stitching, or vertical scanning.

Mahr-ESDI’s IntelliWave™ interferometric acquisition and analysis software is used in many industries, and is widely considered the #1 interferometer independent software package on the market. Mahr-ESDI’s MarSurf FI interferometers are crafted around the flagship IntelliWave™ interferometric software platform. The combination of advanced hardware and software results in the widest range of wavefront measurement products available from a single company.