Fizeau Interferometers & Interferometric Analysis Software


Engineering Synthesis Design, Inc. (Mahr-ESDI) is universally recognized as a leading innovator in the field of surface & wavefront metrology.

Often copied, but never surpassed, our industry firsts have led the market for over 10 years. Mahr-ESDI’s ground breaking technology provides real life solutions for mission critical research and industrial applications worldwide.


Aspheric Surface Measurements

MarSurf FI 2100 AS Fizeau Interferometer: Measurements of axially symmetric aspheres, non-axially symmetric asphers, off-axis aspheres, aspheres with slope changing sign, and freeform surfaces. Learn More »


Vibration Insensitive Interferometer

MarSurf FI 3100 VB Fizeau Interferometer: Simultaneous Phase-Shifting Fizeau Interferometer is a real-time, high-speed, truly vibration-insensitive metrology instrument with shutter speeds as fast as 10µs. Learn More »


High Accuracy Measurement Capability

MarSurf FI 2100 PS Fizeau Interferometer: Provides for non-contact measurements of flat or spherical surfaces along with transmitted wavefront measurements of optical components and assemblies. Learn More »


Unsurpassed Flexibility & Versatility

MarSurf FI 1100 Z Fizeau Interferometer: Measurements may be made using basic visual fringe inspection, static fringe analysis, or phase-modulated interferogram analysis. Learn More »


40mm Fizeau Interferometer

MarSurf FI 1040 Z Fizeau Interferometer: Full featured interferometer that can provide non-contact measurement of flat or spherical surfaces and transmitted wavefront of optical components and assemblies. Learn More »


Interferometric Analysis Software

IntelliWave™: High performance interferometric analysis software designed to adapt to virtually any fringe-based interferometer. Learn More »